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5 Benefits of Exuma Massages During Your Bahama Getaway

February 27, 2019

The key to traveling is to rest and relax, getting away from life’s stresses. The perfect way to make the best of your trip is to schedule one or several Exumas massages. It is also one of the best ways to ensure you make time for yourself. What better way to truly get away from it all than to close your eyes and listen to the relaxing waves crash upon the shore? When making arrangements, be sure to add a massage to your itinerary. It will set a precedent for a relaxing and fun vacation. 

Stress Reducer

Massages can relieve stress because they feel relaxing. However, did you know that studies have shown a massage reduces stress hormones in the body? Massages can lower cortisol, a stress hormone in the body. While helpful in situations to calm you from stress, too much cortisol has many adverse effects on the body, including weight gain, muscle weakness, and more. Instead, a massage will boost oxytocin in the body. 

Ease Muscle Tension

Muscle pain and tension is one of the most common ailments people experience. It can be due to a medical condition or injury. From stress to ailments, muscle tension is common, but you do not have to always live with it. Massages help to ease tension within the muscles, which will help you in rejuvenating on your vacation. Keep them up when you get home, too!

Immunity Boosting Properties

Traveling can expose you to some interesting toxins. From all of the people that you were on your flight with to being in public places, anything to keep you feeling better helps. Massages can help the body increase the production of lymphocytes, which are white blood cells that work against viruses and diseases. An increase in lymphocytes, paired with better-regulated cortisol levels, can help you feel great not only during your trip but when you get back home if you continue to get regular massages.  

Better Sleep

Massages help you relax, which in turn will help you get a better night’s rest. It helps to calm the nervous system, which can keep you on edge when stressed. Massages also produce a mechanical reaction in the body that promotes more serotonin to be made, reduced blood pressure and less stress overall. From here, you’ll get better quality ZZZs. 

Perfect Addition to Vacation

Not only are there physical benefits to massages, but mental as well. When you feel rested and relaxed, it will help you enjoy your vacation. Why not get the most out of your hard-earned dollars? The Bahamas are one of the most relaxing places on earth. Discovering health and wellness on vacation with massages by Nitza in the Exumas is critical for a fantastic trip. 

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