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Top Exuma Bonefishing Mistakes to Avoid

September 26, 2018

As you learn more about the sport of bonefishing, also known as fly fishing, it is easy to make a few mistakes. Preparing yourself before a trip, especially to the Exumas, can help you be more prepared or successful. Even if you make mistakes, just remember to have fun and learn from them! You can use these Exuma bonefishing tips to avoid on your upcoming trip. 

Watching for Fish

With Exuma’s clear, shallow waters, it is easy to spend time looking for fish in the water. This can leave you oblivious to some tell-tale signs you have a bonefish at your line. But also, with outdoor elements, it is easy for the line to get caught up and tangled. This can take out valuable time during your day and pocketbook to fix. If you rent your fishing line, this could be an added cost back to the lender. Keep an eye so you can act quickly!

Proper Gear and Protection

During a bonefishing excursion, you may be spending hours and hours under the hot, piercing sun. Because the weather may be so warm, you might be more likely to wear short sleeves and shorts, causing the sun’s rays to affect your skin and how you feel. Combat this and stay plenty hydrated and re-applying sunscreen every couple of hours. Talk to your local bonefishing guide on best attire to wear on your trip. 

Poor Knots

When new to the bonefishing sport, many do not tie their knots correctly. Knots keep the fishing line and the hook connected, so when the knot is not secure, you could easily lose your catch. Before you go bonefishing, use the seven core fly fishing knots to ensure your knot is secure. 

Improperly Casting

Casting can be tricky if you have never been bonefishing before, especially if you are not familiar with casting at certain lengths. Bonefish can be skittish, so perfecting the task beforehand will lead to a more successful trip. When practicing, work to be able to cast roughly 30 to 40 feet, as that far of a distance will help you increase your catches. In addition, practicing in a variety of environments is also key. While the weather may be nice, wind or other elements can change your cast. Getting comfortable ahead of time can help make this task easier. 

As you practice your bonefishing skills, you can review these top bonefishing and boat safety tips for success. You can also make the most of your experience and book your Exuma bonefishing excursions through Bonefish Drex. As the area’s leader for bonefishing, our team knows all of the ins and outs in the area. Best of all, we will help you as an inexperienced fisher have fun and learn all the tips and tricks to become a pro. With some of the world’s best bonefish flats, you will love seeing parts of the cays away from tourist destinations, relaxing in the crystal-clear blue water. Book your trip today and call us at 242-357-0243.