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​Top Bonefishing and Boat Safety Tips

February 15, 2017

What is more relaxing spending a day on a boat in pristine crystal waters? Or a day spent bonefishing in the Exuma, Bahamas with friends or family? During your travels and relaxation be sure you are taking proper precautions to ensure the safety of you and your group. Learn tips to have a safe bonefishing experience or day on a boat, as well as overall safety tips. Most importantly, have fun!


If you have never been bonefishing before, it is great to take advantage of a tour with an expert. They will give you a lay of the land and show you all the ins and out of bonefishing, all while making sure you have the proper gear and safety materials. If you have been bonefishing before but need a brush up, here are a few reminders. First, make sure any boats you are using have proper safety items. Next, make sure you have proper fishing equipment. Learn what type of fish will be in the area and how much they weigh. If the fish in the area are predominately larger, Orvis’ Read This Before You Go Bonefishing, explains you will need a larger rod, for instance a nine-weight. A smaller one will be fine though if the fish in the area are small. They also recommend wearing polarized sunglasses. The article has more valuable information to ensure you are prepared for your trip.


One of the top necessities when spending a day on the water is to wear a life vest—even if you are a more experienced swimmer. You never know what kind of condition the water can turn to or circumstances that may arise. Next, even if you have no specific plans to take the boat anywhere, make sure you are familiar with the area first. It is important to know routes so you and your group make it back safely at the end of your trip. Also, it is important to avoid alcohol during your trip. Accidents are more prone to happen while under the influence. For more boating tips, read the ABA Boating Safety Program’s Boating Safety guide.


When enjoying a day on travel, there are a few overall safety tips to keep in mind. First, learn about the area and if there are any areas you need to avoid. Even in the safest of areas, tourists are at a higher risk of theft. Make sure any luggage and valuables are kept away as much as you can. In fact, aim to look like a regular as much as you can. The less you can look like a tourist, the less likely you are to be a target of theft or crime. Also, have a charged cell phone at all times. Many invest in jump battery packs which allow you to charge even when an outlet is not available.

For a safe and relaxing bonefishing and boating in the Exuma, Bahamas, you can trust the experts at Bonefish Drex. From our Bonefishing Guide in Exuma or our Sightseeing in Exuma, there is much we can help you explore. Contact us at 242-357-0243 to get started on planning your trip!