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Techniques to Use for Your Exuma Bonefishing Adventure

Techniques to Use for Your Exuma Bonefishing Adventure

January 3, 2018

Are you gearing up for your exciting Exuma bonefishing adventure? Being prepared will make sure you have a fun and successful trip. The Exumas is one of the best places on the planet to practice your skills, and is well worth your travels. Learn how to gear up for your bonefishing trip, tips and techniques to practice, and reasons to choose the Exumas.

How to Prepare

When it comes to catching bonefish, you know you have to make a move quickly. It is beneficial to practice casting your line ahead of time in similar weather conditions you will be fishing in. This will help you adjust to the elements and make those quick movements for a successful catch. Next, make sure you have flies that will attract the fish. An easy route to help increase your chances for a catch is to speak with your local bonefishing expert to see what works best. They can also help direct you where to buy them, or even provide them as a service. Last, make sure you are using proper fishing rods. An eight or nine weight rod is typically a good choice for a variety of condition. It is not overly light and can handle still or windy conditions. If you think you will be catching larger fish, consider a 10 weight rod instead for more control.  

Tips and Techniques

If you will be wading during your bonefishing trip, make sure you have proper wading boots. This will make it much easier to navigate towards your catch. To help you increase your number of catches, wear natural colors, such as tan or green. Fish will not see this as well as you are standing there, wading in the water. When ready to cast your line, focus on casting your line with the fly easy for them to see. You will want to aim to have your line come in within 10 feet of them, or less. Cast practicing will help you perfect this technique before your trip. You can also use a wire leader to reduce the noise of hitting the water which reduces the risk of frightening the fish. You can also use one of the 13 offbeat bonefish tricks to succeed.

Bonefishing in the Exumas

The Exumas is one of the best places for a bonefishing trip. Known as the top Bonefish flats in the world, the area is filled with a variety of channels allowing you to enjoy multiple areas. It makes for a different bonefishing experience each time. Plus, the Exumas are filled with shallow, crystal clear blue waters. This is not only aesthetically pleasing, but makes for a successful trip, too.

To ensure you have a successful bonefishing trip, Bonefish Drex in the Exumas will make it possible. Our team knows all of the best spots in the area, allowing you to go off the beaten path. We’ll help you with all of the important tips and tricks that will make your trip exciting. We will also share top bonefishing and boat safety tips with you as well. Book your trip and call us today at 242-357-0243.