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Tips for a Successful Exuma Bonefishing Trip

December 6, 2017

Looking for an exciting way to bonefish? Consider an Exuma bonefishing excursion for your future trip. A good way to maximize your dollars is with spending a little time planning and researching for an itinerary. You can have a fun and relaxing trip by preparing in advance for everything to pack, what sights to see and what to expect. From having the right gear and perfecting techniques, to using a guide, utilize these tips to make your trip to the Exumas a great one.

Have the Right Gear

The key to a great bonefishing excursion is to have the proper gear! First and foremost, having the right fly rod is key. If you will be traveling to an area with larger bonefish, aim to have a nine-weight. An eight-weight is appropriate for smaller settings. If weather will be windy, a great solution is to have a fast-action rod. This can also be helpful if you have a large casting rod as it will quickly reel back in. For your fly lines, a bonefish taper is helpful for the weather you will experience in the Exumas. This will reduce any stickiness and cast better as well. Also, since you might be wading in water make sure you get a pair of quality wading boots. A smart investment is polarized sunglasses, bright sunlight as well as the reflections from the water are damaging to your eyes so protection is key. Be sure you check in advance on bringing your fishing pole onto a flight.

Tips and Tricks

If you are looking to have a lot of great catches for a bonefishing trip, traveling to the Exumas in the Bahamas is the perfect adventure. In many areas, the waters are shallow and clear, making it easy to see your catches. On the day of your trip, park smart but pack lightly so you are not lugging around a lot of unnecessary items. It is important to bring additional floating lines as well as leaders. Also, the type of fly you use is also important. Get a variety to mix things up. When you get to your destination, do a few test casts to see how quickly your flies sink. Last, remember to be patient. It can take up to an hour at times to have your first catch.

Using a Guide

When traveling to a new area you have never been to, the best way to handle a bonefishing tip is to use the help of a guide! Bonefish Drex and our staff are well versed in Exuma bonefishing. Flats with the most fish are usually tucked away, so having a Bonefish Drex guide could help you make the most out of your trip!

To help you have a great bonefishing trip, Bonefish Drex has you covered. With over 20 years of experience, our team will help you get some of the best catches in the area. Be sure to check out our fall 2017 guide to Exuma bonefishing, and contact us as you prepare for your trip. We will be sure to take you to the best flats the area has to offer for a memorable and successful trip.