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Fall 2017 Guide to Exuma Bonefishing

October 25, 2017

Are you looking for the perfect, tropical location for bonefishing this fall? The Exuma, Bahamas is the perfect location. As one of the world’s best places for the sport, Exuma bonefishing offers so many rewarding opportunities. As you make your travel plans for fall, this is the place to put on your map. Learn reasons to travel to the Exumas this fall to bonefish, best places in the areas, and tips for preparing your trip to bonefish.

Why Fall for Bonefishing?

When fall sets in, while there tends to be slightly fewer bonefish, it is such a great time to plan a trip. The fish themselves are larger, which helps those fishing catch fish. It is also the beginning of the off season, so there are less people to compete with for catches. Not only is this a positive for catching fish, but also makes for a pleasant vacation with less people in the area. Traveling during the off season is also a great way to travel on a budget. Also, in Deneki Outdoors’ five reasons to fish for early season bonefish, one of the reasons is less pressure which means the fish have not ate any flies. For more benefits, review their article.

Best Places for Bonefishing

As you begin to think about some of the best places for bonefishing, the Exumas are a fantastic place. Known for having shallow, clear waters, many places in the area are the perfect place for some great catches. Being able to see the waters below will allow you to easily see and prepare for catches. Since many areas within Exuma can be a challenge to navigate, it is beneficial to use a guide to help you find the best spots. Not only will they take you to the places that others do not find, but they will also help you with Exuma bonefishing tips and tricks.

Preparing for Your Trip

There are a variety of things to help you have a successful bonefishing trip this fall. You will need to bring a pair of boots that you can use to stand and wade in the water, and polarized sun glasses. This will help you see the fish easily. For clothes, light, natural colors are best to help you camouflage from the fish’s view. For rods, you can be safe by packing an eight to nine weight rod, which should cover most conditions. You can always call ahead to see what a bonefishing guide recommends for your trip. Be sure to bring reels (up to 150 yards) and lines. In addition, check the forecast to see if you will need to bring any special clothing for rain, a waterproof bag that you can keep essentials in, and fishing towels. You can work with your bonefishing guide on additional items you may need, or what they will able to provide.

To help you make your bonefishing trip this fall a great one, Bonefish Drex can help. We know the best fishing spots in the area so you can have the best trip. In addition, we also provide sightseeing tours and beach massages. To begin to plan your trip, call us today at 242-357-0243.