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Exuma Bonefishing Tips and Tricks

June 7, 2017

Are you looking forward to a great trip to explore fishing and Exuma bonefishing during your trip to the Bahamas? As the perfect place to experience some of the best this sport has to offer, you will love taking your next vacation to the next level and exploring areas and fishing you’ve never experienced before. Learn more about the best places for bonefishing, overall tips for your trip and general fishing tips for success.

Best Places for Bonefishing

The Bahamas are a great place if you are looking to take your bonefishing to the next level. Specifically, the Exumas is an ideal location. The Exumas are an area in the Bahamas compiled of over 350 cays and islands. When it comes to bonefishing in general, you will want to go to a shallow area. When it comes to bonefishing in the Exumas, the water is so crystal clear and the sand is a great shade of white. This allows you to easily see the water below so you can see the different types of fish swimming your way for an easy catch.

Tips for Your Trip

When traveling to the Exuma, Bahamas for the perfect bonefishing trip, while many places are great, you can utilize the help of an expert to show you the ropes. They can help you find the best fishing spots based on your experience level. No matter where you go, you will be amazed by the gorgeous waters and soft, silky white sandy beaches. When traveling to the Exumas, which are made up of three larger areas (Great Exuma, Little Exuma and the Exuma Cays), you can travel to different areas for fishing or relaxation via car or sea taxi. These are great ways to explore many areas the Exumas have to offer.

General Fishing Tips

Whether you are looking for great bonefishing or enjoy traditional fishing, the Exumas are the perfect place. For fishing, you can rent a boat and spend a relaxing afternoon at sea. There are many types of fish you can catch in this area from Blackfin or yellowfin tuna fish to groupers and marlins. When spending a day at sea, make sure you bring plenty of water to stay hydrated and take breaks for food. Also, make sure you wear sunscreen to help your skin from burning due to the sun’s harsh rays. You will want to enjoy the entirety of your trip and the last thing you want is a sunburn! For additional fishing tips to make your trip in the Exumas great, read On the Water’s 10 Fishing Tips and Tricks. Are you new to bonefishing? Check out the ins and outs of Exuma bonefishing for first timers.
If you are looking to have a great bonefishing experience during your trip to the Exumas, Bonefish Drex can help. We know all the ins and outs to the flats the area offers. No matter what skill level you are, we will find the perfect space for you and your group. By the use of a guided tour, you will be walked through all steps for a great trip. Learn more in our Bonefish Guide in Exuma.