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Best Exuma Sightseeing Locations on Stocking Island

June 21, 2017

Will you be taking a trip to Stocking Island in the Bahamas? Or are you looking for the perfect beach getaway? There is much to do during an Exuma sightseeing vacation. You will love the white sandy beaches and crystal clear blue waters. But that’s not all. There are great food options, hiking opportunities and more. Learn about the different sights to see that you can be taken to during a guided tour, other beach and water adventures and restaurants to check out during your stay.


Even though Stocking Island is a small island in the Exumas, at roughly four miles long, you will still have so many sights to see during a trip. By taking a guided tour, you’ll be sure to have someone help you explore all the areas to see this island’s true beauty. First, work with your guide to take you to the Moriah Harbour Cay National Park. It is rich with untouched marine life. You’ll love seeing the different birds and animals along with nature at its finest in this nature sanctuary and wildlife reserve. In addition, the park is home to sand dunes to roam in and beaches to relax on.

Beaches and Water Adventures

When traveling to Stocking Island, you’ll be experiencing some of the best beaches the Exumas have to offer. In fact, some beaches you can even swim alongside pigs! Definitely an experience that you won’t forget. In addition, Stocking Island is home to many fun activities to take advantage of when on a guided tour trip. Snorkeling? Definitely. Diving? Only to see some of the most beautiful sea life. Plus, when taking advantage of a guided tour, you will be able to see hidden beaches and areas to make the most of your time in the area.

Relaxing Restaurant

During your time on Stocking Island, you must stop by the Chat ‘N’ Chill restaurant. This is not your typical restaurant, but a fun experience for you and everyone you are traveling with. The Chat ‘N’ Chill is an experience with good slow cooked food. While you wait for your food you can enjoy a relaxing afternoon on the deck, playing a game of volleyball or relaxing beachside while your food is cooked on their famous grill. In addition, you can swim and feed stingrays and enjoy live music. You can explore the Chat ‘N’ Chill grill menu to find some of the best grilled food available.
To make the most of your sightseeing in Exuma, Bonefish Drex has you covered. Our experienced tour guides will make sure you have the best trip to Stocking Island and all other areas of the Exumas. Looking for more ideas to make a great trip? Be sure to check out our tips for creating your Exuma bonefishing trip. Our experienced staff know how to make it eventful and hit all of the stops the guests on your tour would like to take. Contact Bonefish Drex today to book your trip to Stocking Island.