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Tips for Creating Your Exuma Bonefishing Trip

May 10, 2017

Are you looking to have an eventful bonefish trip and are looking for the perfect location? Consider the Exumas! This Caribbean getaway has some of the best bonefishing opportunities on the globe. You will have an eventful and memorable vacation to accomplish your goals. From why the Exumas are a great place and tips for fishing to other activities, use these tips to make the most of your Exuma bonefishing trip.

Why the Exumas?

When you travel to the Exumas, you will be traveling to a Caribbean oasis filled with crystal clear blue waters and gorgeous white sandy beaches. Everything you envision in a relaxing beach vacation is the Exumas. The Exumas are a group of over 365 cays and islands. They are broken up into three groups, with the largest being the Great Exuma. The area is known for great food, exotic nature and aquatic life, a welcoming feel and bonefish. When traveling to the Exumas, you can enjoy a variety of activities from diving, kayaking/boating and snorkeling to hiking and outdoor exploration. There is much to see and do—with a variety of relaxing hotels and resorts to get much needed rest and relaxation.

Tips for Fishing

As you prepare for your bonefishing trip in the Exumas, you can work with a local company to help you navigate to some of the best areas for this sport. You will be guided to areas that are shallow to cast your line with your artificial fly and enjoy the sport. Being known as one of the best places in the world for bonefishing, you will likely be able to have several catches during your trip. Also, given that the waters in the area are so clear, you will easily be able to see the fish that you are trying to catch. When traveling to bonefish, make sure you work with a local company to ensure you have the right equipment for your trip. Why? Some areas are known to have larger fish and you want to be sure to have the appropriate size fishing pole.

Other Activities

If you would like to explore other opportunities while in The Exumas, there is much to do. If you are ready to rest and relax, a beach-side massage session can be just the thing you need. With the sounds of the ocean and the winds blowing, you will be amazed at how relaxing it is. There are also many things to see in the area too. By taking advantage of a tour guide, you will be able to explore the ins and outs of the area and truly experience every detail of this tropical paradise. For more ideas of what you can do in the Exumas, check out Trip Advisor’s  guide to activities and attractions in great Exuma .

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