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​Tips to Make Your Trip to the Exuma, Bahamas a Safe One

January 4, 2017

When traveling to a place as gorgeous as the Exuma, Bahamas, you want to enjoy every minute of the trip. From soaking up the sun to having fun Exuma Bonefishing, there is so much to do (or not do if that’s your plan!) There are a few things to do to make sure your trip is a safe one to ensure you and your travel companions have a great time. Before you go, take note of these tips:

Practice safe sun habits

Whether you are on vacation or not, it is important to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Long term sunscreen use can help reduce the risk of you developing skin cancer and it helps protect the quality of your skin. On your trip to the Exumas, the last thing you want is a sunburn, because you may be stuck inside for the rest of the trip. No matter if you plan to be outdoors for a couple hours or the entire day, apply sunscreen. At minimum, apply sunscreen with an SPF between 30 and 50. If you plan on being in the water, jet skiing or fishing, make sure you reapply every hour. Be generous with your application and don’t forget the little places such as the tops of your ears and feet or the back of your neck.  

Water Safety

While having fun in the sun, you may spend a lot of time in the water. When swimming or surfing, be cautious of waves and rip currents. If pulled into a current, it is important to remain calm and look around to see if you can get help. In the National Weather Service’s Rip Current Survival Guide, they explain to not fight the rip current. If you decide to swim, do not try to swim to shore but rather parallel to the shore. The National Weather Service explains that you should continue to swim parallel until you reach the end of the rip current. At this point, continue to swim at an angle until you reach the shore. If you plan on being on a boat or jet skiing in waters, be sure to follow all safety precautions shared by instructors or activity leaders. Next, be sure to wear a life vest to keep you afloat in case you fall.


While swimming or reef diving, you will need to be cautious of the environment and interactions with fish and other marine animals. First, if you see any marine life while on your own, avoid making contact or feeding them. You do not know how they will react. If you are deep sea diving and come across a shark, it is important to remain calm. In many cases, your normalcy will keep them calm and they will continue swimming along as though nothing is wrong. In the event of a shark attack, violent and rash movement on your part can make things worse—however, make sure to defend yourself. If you have anything on hand to use as a weapon, use it. The shark’s eyes and gills are top places that can injure the shark, so go for those areas.

Sharing the dangers of planning a trip to a tropical place may scare you, we are simply trying to make you aware, in case an emergency happens. Your priority is to relax and have fun in the Bahamas and enjoy time with friends and family. If you have any fishing enthusiasts on the trip, they will be thrilled to take a Bonefishing with Bonefish Drex. In addition, we also provide sightseeing tours and massages. Be sure to read the ins and outs of Exuma Bonefishing for first timers if this is your first time to the island. Call us at 242-357-0243 to book your Bonefishing adventure