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Wildlife you might encounter when bonefishing in the Bahamas

August 28, 2019

Renting your first sailing charter is super exciting! By enjoying a sailing charter you’re not only going to enjoy your time on the water, but you’ll have a front-row seat to the wildlife in the area, particularly when bonefishing. We’ve compiled our list of what you should expect (and want) to see while spending time in the Bahamas. 

Bimini Dolphins
With crystal clear waters and beautiful landscaping, the Bahamas is the perfect spot to see Bimini Dolphins. Legends have it the dolphins enjoy playing near boats and other moving vessels, which will make for a fantastic show for you and your travel companions. These dolphins are known for their light, easy-going, and playful attitudes. 

Sea Turtles
Once again, the clear waters of the Bahamas makes for the perfect wildlife watching spot. You are likely to see Sea Turtles while cruising the waves. The Sea Turtles thrive in the blue, sun-soaked waters and their docile nature make them the perfect animal to introduce the little ones to.

Spider Crabs
Spider Crabs are large, unique, and certainly not something you would see day-to-day. As the name implies, this species of crab has long, spidery legs, and often blend into the ocean floor. When walking, we recommend being careful when walking and maybe even dragging your feet along the bottom of the floor.

Beware of these beautiful creatures! While they are certainly beautiful to look at, we still recommend keeping a safe distance. Sharks are safer than you would think, but you should still exercise caution. Afterall, a shark that mistakes you for food could be harmful (even deadly) and with rising sea temperatures and the destruction of habitats you can never be too careful. Sharks are temperamental, and as their habitats change so can their behavior.

Exumas Pigs
These pigs have become world famous! These pigs enjoy their sun-loving beaches and reside on the Exumas Islands. They aren’t typically known to be aggressive - in fact many tourists will come just to swim with the pigs. However, remember that they are still wild animals and should be treated with respect.

Just remember, that when you visit the Bahamas you should be respectful of the local wildlife and nature - they can be unpredictable so stay safe! Now that you know more about the wildlife in the area, why not stop by and schedule a time to go on your bonefishing adventure? No matter what you are looking for, Bonefish Drex can help. Not only can we provide you with a charter rental, but we can give you the sightseeing tour you are looking for. To learn more about our services, give us a call at 242-356-0243. We look forward to seeing you in the upcoming months - the weather is gorgeous!