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What is a bonefish?

July 31, 2019

You might have heard of bonefishing in the Bahamas, but what is a bonefish anyways? Is bonefishing as easy as it appears? We are here to give you all the details on what a bonefish is, but also why bonefishing is the perfect relaxing activity while you are on vacation. 

Where do they live? 
Well, of course bonefish live in the Bahamas, but what are their typical habitat? Bonefish typically live in the coastal areas - and enjoying schooling. So it’s not uncommon for you to see quite a few of them surfing the area together! Don’t be surprised if you even see a few hundred - schools of bonefish can travel with groups of 40-400! Not only do bonefish school together, they tend to stay in the same area for a few days. So if you see a few, you’ll most likely see them in a day or two after that. Typically, the warmer the months, the deeper the bonefish like to be under the water. 

As bottom feeders, Bonefish typically feed on shrimps, mollusks, worms, and small fishes. While bonefish travel in schools, they don’t necessarily feed in schools. So expect a bonefish that is feeding to be alone for a few. 

Bonefish can grow up to 31 inches long, and weigh approximately 4-6 pounds in the Bahamas. Fish that reside in the Florida area tend to be larger - weighing approximately 13-14 pounds. The average bonefish live between 19-24 years, and reach full maturity around 3-4 years. 

Fishing Tips
When it comes to fishing bonefish, you’ll have to be patient and alert. As a general rule of thumb, if you begin to see wakes or nervous water that could be the sign of a bonefish school swimming by. Bonefish are almost a green color, and easy to see when they are belly-down. However, if they get spooked you’ll see their side which will nearly blend into the bottom of the ocean floor. As they blend in, bonefish can be difficult to see and track.

Stay smooth in all of your movements, and be careful not to spook or frighten the bonefish. Once you hook a bonefish, don’t be too quick to pull the fish out of the water. With soft mouths, it won’t typically be a struggle for you to hook a bonefish, but it can be easy to lose them if you aren’t careful.

Now that you know a little bit about bonefish, why not stop by and schedule a time to go on your bonefishing adventure? No matter what you are looking for, Bonefish Drex can help. Not only can we provide you with a charter rental, but we can give you the sightseeing tour you are looking for. To learn more about our services, give us a call at 242-356-0243. We look forward to seeing you in the upcoming months - the weather is gorgeous!