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The best restaurants to visit while in The Bahamas

June 19, 2019

When you think of the Bahamas, your first thought might be the amazing weather, beautiful beaches, and gorgeous landscape. But did you know that the Bahamas also has some of the most amazing food in the Caribbean? Here are some of our favorite restaurants you should visit while docking your sailboat rental, in no particular order. 

Max’s Conch Bar and Grill
This local roadside restaurant is casual, quirky, and well-known among Bahamian locals. The gazebo-like structure is covered in local flair including license plates, figurines, and local trinkets. Max’s Conch Bar and Grill is located near the airport, making it the perfect last stop before departure, or the perfect first stop when you are starting your vacation. Max’s is perfect for those who want to stay in budget, and even better for those looking to experience the Bahamas - local style.

Cricket Club Restaurant and Pub
The Cricket Club is perfect for those wanting to stay within budget, but also experience a more relaxed and casual environment. The Cricket Club Restaurant and Pub is laid back, and offers some delicious brunch and local Bahamian cuisine. Just remember to avoid this local spot during any English Premier matches - it gets busy! Unless you’d like that experience, then we recommend you make a stop!

Love Greek food? Zobra’s is the place for you! This moderately-priced gem is well-known for their breakfast on the island, but they have other great food offerings as well. Including dishes inspired by American and local Bahamian cuisine. Don’t let their stellar breakfast fool you though, they offer equally good lunch and dinner offerings - at prices that you can get on board with.

Cafe Matisse
This one is the perfect restaurant if you are looking for a splurge while in the Bahamas, especially if you love Italian food. Located in Nassau, Cafe Matisse is surrounded by gorgeous scenery and has some of the best service on the island. When accompanied with perfect food, the ambiance in Cafe Matisse truly can’t be beat! 

Xuma’s Restaurant and Bar
Located on a private island in the northernmost area of the Exumas, Xuma’s restaurant is another great splurge location. To get to Xuma’s Restaurant and Bar, you’ll have to charter a sailboat and sail to Highbourne Cay, but the trip is well worth it! The fresh seafood, and expert plating keeps locals and tourists coming back for more. Be sure to reserve a spot in this restaurant if you are taking more than six people - especially if you are looking for a spot on the open air patio. 

In addition to the restaurants, there are many things to do while in the Bahamas. No matter what you are looking for, Bonefish Drex can help. Not only can we provide you with a charter rental, but we can give you the sightseeing tour you are looking for. To learn more about our services, give us a call at 242-356-0243. We look forward to seeing you in the upcoming months - the weather is gorgeous!