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Bonefishing 101 - What You Need to Know

April 10, 2019

Tourists around the world come to the Exumas to experience bonefishing, and we can’t blame them! The adrenaline rush and the experience is like no other. But you might be wondering what bonefishing really is, or how to successful catch your first fish. Don’t worry - we are here to help.

What is bonefishing? 
Bonefishing is fly fishing, but for bonefish. Bonefishing is a popular sport in the Bahamas, but most Bonefish are released upon capture.

What should I wear? 
Of course, when bonefishing you will be surrounded by water - making lightweight, airy clothing essential for any bonefishing trip. Be sure to select light colored shoes, ones that do not have black soles. You will be outside in the heat for the majority of the day so be sure to wear a hat that will shade you and cut down on the water’s reflection. 

What should I pack? 
We’ve covered what to where, but what should you pack? We recommend bringing the following, but you can ask your local guide if you have any questions: 
Fishing lines
Polarized sunglasses
Waterproof boots and bag
This is by no means the exhaustive list, but it will get you a great start!

I’ve heard they might be hard to see...suggestions? 

Bonefish can be a little difficult to see in the water, but there are some signs you should look for. Feeding or traveling bonefish make waves in shallow water, their backs are almost a light green color and they are very reflective of the surrounding environment. Even if you see them at first, and then lose don’t panic - you’ll find them again. 

When should I travel?

The Caribbean is always sunny and gorgeous, with the occasional rain! The temperatures average in the 80s, with the lows hitting 70s during the winer. That being said, we would recommend visiting the Exumas during the dry season and booking a few days of vacation to enjoy all that the Exumas have to offer.

Do you have any tips? 

Our first tip would be to use an utilize an experienced guide, we are here to help! We also recommend wearing the appropriate attire and working with your local experts to stay safe. Prior to coming it might be a good idea to practice your casting! No matter what, you can have an expert ready to assist you. When you hook a fish while bonefishing, remember that you should not hold it out of the water for more than 15 seconds or it could die upon release back into the ocean. If you are struggling at any point while fishing, always ask your guide questions. They are here to help make you bonefishing experience one to remember. 

We cannot wait to see you this year to help you experience the adrenaline rush that is bonefishing! Whether you are a beginner or an experience fisher we are here to help you. To set up your trip, give us a call at 242-357-0243 or book here. We look forward to helping you set up your itinerary!