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Things You'll Find When Exuma Bonefishing

February 13, 2019

Did you know the Exumas are one of the top places on earth for fly fishing? If you love this sport, it is essential to add this location to your bucket list. You will like everything this part of the world has to offer, making it the perfect outdoor adventure. As you make your upcoming plans for the travel this year, be sure to check out the top things you will find when Exuma bonefishing. 

Plethora of Bonefish

For a trip you know will be a success, filled with great catches, you must go to the Exumas. This stretch of more than 350 cays in the Bahamas is truly an outdoor paradise. The natural habitat of bonefish are flats, which there is no shortage of in the Exumas. They often travel together as a school, often using the tides to their advantage. Natural born predators, bonefish will spend time in low tide in search of food. The low tide makes it perfect for those on a fly-fishing excursion to make a catch. 


Despite a large amount of bonefish that live within the area's flats, the bonefish make your trip challenging and exhilarating. They are fierce and fast. Bonefish can sense threats and make their escape. 

A multitude of Cays to Explore

Each of the 365 Cays in the Exumas has a unique personality. Cays, which are low banks filled with sand, coral reef and more, are a tropical oasis. Filled with shallow waters, bonefish love what these cays have to offer. For parts of your trip you would like to see nature in its purest state, visit the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park. The park is the first of its kind on the globe, with both untouched waters and land. As a protected area, it will never be developed on or have anything unnatural ruin its habitat. Called a "no-take reserved," you can explore the park, but not take or do anything that would damage its natural form.  

Experienced Guides

When traveling to the Exumas for bonefishing, it is essential to use an experienced local guide. With such a vast area to cover, your guide will know the exact ins and outs to take you to for a successful trip. Everything from locations for beginners to challenging parts of the land is an experienced fly fisher's dream. Also, guides know the laws and requirements if the area—ensuring you have a safe trip that follows all local guidelines. Guides will be able to help you know what to expect when bonefishing in Exuma, taking less stress off you so you can enjoy your travels. 

Whether you are looking to travel to the Exumas for epic fly-fishing, or to relax and unwind, Bonefish Drex has something for you. Our guides know all of the ins and outs to the flats and provide sightseeing tours. You can also relax at the end of a busy day with massages by Nitza. To start your itinerary, call us at 242-356-0243.

We look forward to seeing you this year!