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Rules and Regulations When Exuma Bonefishing in Local Flats

October 24, 2018

One of the most beloved places across the globe for bonefishing is in the Exumas. Over the years, this part of the world has become a popular destination to practice the sport, thanks to its shimmering clear waters. Many of the areas are shallow, creating the perfect environment for a great catch. It is important to note that in 2017, new rules and regulations were put into place for those looking to enjoy some quality time Exuma bonefishing. Catch up on the latest and be sure to work with a local expert who can ensure you have a safe trip.  

Licenses and Guides

When expanding out into the outer areas of the Exumas, a license is required. As a visitor, you will not need to get a license when using a local guide. They are responsible for having the proper permits, so you don’t have to. They advise that a guide is used for groups that are two or more, but even if you are looking for a great day of bonefishing, you can work with a guide one-on-one. Guides are also certified by the local Department of Marine Resources and are experienced with all bonefishing rules and regulations. 

Commercial Fishing

The 2017 regulations have banned commercial bonefishing in the flats. The law was put into place to help preserve the area, keeping its state as natural as possible. With several other areas around the Exumas under protection, this is one more way to avoid disruptions to sea and wildlife. Those who break this regulation can receive a maximum fine of $5,000 or even receive a sentence of three months in prison. 

Individual Boats

The new regulations set particular limits, which you can count on your local guide to handle during your bonefishing excursion. First, each boat can only have a maximum of six fishing rods. While bonefishing, if any “migratory fish” are caught, they must be thrown back out to sea after catching. Fishers can only fish from the boat and are now allowed to use scuba gear with oxygen to capture large amounts of fish underwater. Fishers are also not permitted to remove any coral, tropical fish or other sea life in order to keep it preserved. These are all things you can count on your local guide to help you with, allowing you to have a worry-free and safe trip.  

To ensure you stay within local rules and regulations, contact Bonefish Drex as your guide for your bonefishing excursion. The team will help with all the ins and outs of Exuma bonefishing for first timers, taking you to some of the most beautiful places in the area frequented by the locals. Whether you are an experienced bonefisher or are new to the sport, working with our team will help you have a great and successful trip. Book your reservation today by calling us at 242-357-0243. Our team will get you on the calendar and coordinate everything you need for a trip within new regulations, enjoying everything this wonderful area has to offer.