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Destress with Yoga and Massages by Nitza on Your Exuma Vacation

September 12, 2018

One of the top reasons people go on vacation is to escape the daily hustle and bustle of life. It can be especially beneficial for those looking to find a way to reduce stress. Beach massages and yoga are two common ways to accomplish this goal. Learn more about each and what to plan/look forward to with massages by Nitza during your Exuma vacation.

Beach Yoga

Practicing yoga on the beach is an incredibly relaxing activity. Nothing beats listening to the waves crash against the shore and all the other sounds of nature around you. In the Exumas, yoga on the beach will help you center and become closer to a calm state. Using breathing exercises and motions, yoga on the beach is one of the best ways to practice. Get an idea of what you will be doing in the 14 beach yoga retreats in paradise. Meditation and yoga will help you relax and destress from any intense feelings you have at the moment.

Destress with a Massage

Massages are another common way people let go of the various stresses in their life—especially massages on the beach. When you have a beachside massage, you can let go and truly enjoy your surroundings. Even better, beachside massages offer several health benefits. Using pressure, massages can actually help to treat various ailments and issues in the muscles, joints, and more. This will help you when you go back home to feel much better. Massages can also help with mental disorders, such as depression or anxiety. During your travels to the Exumas, you can take advantage of a massage to enjoy your trip and feel refreshed.

Other Travel Ideas

Another way to reduce stress during your trip to the Exumas is to enjoy bonefishing. A beloved activity in this area, you can spend a day on the water catching this unique type of fish. Bonefishing is done in the area’s shallow waters making a perfect way to spend the day. You can sit in a boat or stand still in tall wading boots to practice this fun sport. Even if you’re new, it’s an easy activity to learn. In fact, check out the ins and outs of Exuma bonefishing for first timers as you get started. A great way to practice this sport is by using a local guide. They can help you get set up with everything that you need and show you the best spots the area has to offer.

When traveling to the Exumas, Bonefish Drex can help you have a relaxing, exciting and memorable trip. Take advantage of our Massages by Nitza—a relaxing beachside activity. You can also use our guides for a fun bonefishing trip or for a sightseeing tour to explore everything the area has to offer. The Exumas, especially George Town, is a gorgeous and fun place to travel. We’ll help you make the most of your trip. To make your reservation for any of all of our services, call Bonefish Drex today at 242-357-0243 to make your reservation.