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What to Expect During Your First Time with Massages in Exuma

July 4, 2018

Are you getting ready to travel and enjoy massages in Exuma for the first time? Nothing is as relaxing as a massage. It is the perfect addition to your getaway to make your trip complete. If you have never had a massage before, no need to be intimidated! Your massage therapist will ensure you are comfortable, with everything you need, to make your first massage a great one. Beach-side massages can be especially relaxing and great for making a getaway a memorable one. Use these tips on what to expect as you gear up for your first one!

Tips Before You Go

When scheduling, inform them this will be your first time. They can ask you any important questions, such as if you prefer a male or a female. The massage is meant to make you feel comfortable, so they will not be offended. Make sure to clean up before your appointment so you feel refreshed and relaxed. It is also beneficial to use the restroom before, so you will not be interrupted mid-appointment. There is a chance your massage therapist may use various types of oils, so be sure to share any allergies you have beforehand.

Share Any Aches or Pains

Did you know that a massage can aid in pain relief? As you prepare for your first massage, think of a few of your aches and pains. You can tell your massage therapist any areas you have trouble with as they may be able to assist. You can even mention this when you schedule your appointment. Massage therapy is excellent for reducing inflammation, a problem many people deal with on a daily basis. If you continue to get massages long term, not only can it help alleviate physical pain, but also help improve mental and emotional health, too. It is a great way to decompress and calm anxiety.

Types of Massages

Massage therapists use a variety of techniques to help their clients feel great. One of the most popular types is Swedish Massages. This full-body technique uses several long strokes, as well as circular motions to help reduce tension. For those who feel as though they have several knots or pain, try a deep tissue massage. Deep Tissue Massages go deep within the muscle to provide relief. They will work through your problematic areas to help break up some of the issues. Last, Shiatsu Massages are also popular. This Japanese-style technique focuses in on areas using the hands or elbows.
As you wonder about the reasons Exuma massages will help you de-stress and relax on your vacation, set up your appointment with Bonefish Drex. We invite you to explore massages by Nitza where you will have a wonderful and relaxing beachside experience with an expert massage therapist! Whether you stop by once, or several times during your trip, you will love closing your eyes and listening to the waves crash onto the shore. Best of all, you will finish feeling refreshed and ready for your next adventure in the Exumas. Book your massage today!