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Top Landmarks to Add to Your Exuma Sightseeing Trip

April 11, 2018

When planning your perfect Exuma sightseeing trip, there are many historical landmarks to see. The area is rich with culture, making for a trip you will always remember. As you finalize your itinerary, be sure to add any or all of these landmarks to your list.

Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park

The Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park is not only a national park, but a protected “no-take” area of the Bahamas National Trust. This means the area must go untouched, and all land and sea life are in its original state. From gorgeous coral reef, to white, pristine sandy beaches, it’s the perfect place to explore. You can scuba dive, snorkel, hike, and much more. Thanks to its protection, you will enjoy all of the wild and marine life  

The Hermitage

Tucked in William’s Town, Little Exuma, The Hermitage is a historical estate that was once a cotton plantation in the 1750s. It features the Cotton House, which is Exuma’s oldest building. It also features a variety of other ruins that will show you an inside look of this area’s history.

Three Sisters Beach

Three Sisters Beach is located along Queen’s Highway in Mount Thompson, Great Exuma. It’s also home to the Three Sisters Rock: Exuma islands’ legend. It’s said that three sisters were all in love with the same man. The sisters eventually found out upon his departure from the area, and it’s said that they drowned trying to swim to him. Myth goes, rocks grew in this very spot. It’s known as a romantic area that is also great for snorkeling and diving.

Salt Beacon

In William’s Town, Little Exuma, the Salt Beacon is a 30-foot Roman Tuscan column that dates back to the 1600s. It served as a guide for incoming ships to this area’s salt port that were sailing in for trade. This location is a great representation of this area’s history in the salt industry, with many other historic artifacts to explore. It’s located atop a hill, making the views breathtaking.

St. Andrew’s Anglican Church

One of Exuma’s oldest churches dating back to the 1800s in George Town is St. Andrew’s Anglican Church. It sits high, being able to be seen from many places in the area. Over the decades of existence, it has actually had to be rebuilt a few times. Regardless, it is rich with history and welcoming to all.

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