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5 Things You Didn't Know About Exuma Bonefishing

February 28, 2018

Are you considering a trip to the Exumas? Not only is it one of the world’s best destinations to bonefish, but it is also an area that still has true, untouched beauty. Many of today’s destinations have become tourist destinations, but the Exumas have stayed true to their history. As you consider your Exuma bonefishing excursion, be sure to learn more about these neat five things that you probably did not know!

The Exumas Are One of the Best Bonefishing Spots in the World

If you love bonefishing (also known as fly fishing), the Exumas is your go-to destination. The waters are clear and shallow, allowing you to have a better view of your potential catch. Plus, the Exumas are an archipelago that is made up of 365 cays and islands, giving you endless opportunities to explore.

You Can Use Guides for a Successful Trip

When booking your trip, go with a local bonefishing expert that can show you all of the best spots. With the area being so vast, they know all of the nooks and crannies for the perfect catch. This is a great option for both experienced fly fishers or novices. A guide will take an experienced to areas that will be fun and challenging. For those new to the sport, it is the perfect way to get to a great location with help that will make the trip a success. Guides will have all of the tools and resources too.

Traveling in the Off Season is Fantastic

As you decide when to travel to the Exumas for a vacation and bonefishing trip, consider traveling during the “off season.” This is ideal for any trip because your flights, hotels, and other expenses may be less since there will not be as much demand. For the Exumas, this tends to be December through mid-April. As a traveler, you will love the climate, especially if you are coming from a country with harsh, cold winters. Temperatures will be in the 70s and 80s with lower humidity. It will be more overcast than the summer, but it could help you see better without the sun in your eyes! Rainfall tends to be higher June through October, so your chances of dry days are higher.

Complement Your Trip with a Sightseeing Tour

There is much to see when traveling to the Exumas. Take advantage of this by taking a guided tour around the area. From exploring the hundreds of cays and areas, to seeing the famous swimming pigs, you will be sure to have a memorable experience. Be sure to check out these off-the-path places to see during your Exuma tours.

An Untouched Area

One of the top things travelers love about the Exumas is how rich with history it is. The area has been untouched unlike many other travel destinations across the globe. You will see some of the bluest waters and colorful coral reef and wildlife in its natural habitat. Learn the history of Exuma as you prepare for your trip!

To make your bonefishing trip in the Exumas great, take advantage of the experts at Bonefish Drex. From bonefishing guides and sightseeing tours, to massages, we have a variety of services to make your trip a great one. Call us today at 242-357-0243 to get started.