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Safety for Bringing Children and Pets in Water and on Boats in Exuma

August 2, 2017

Family vacations are memorable experiences that you and your family will never forget! When traveling to an area that is surrounded by water, like the Exumas in the Bahamas, not only will you want to remind yourself how you can stay safe in the water, but you will want to ensure any children and pets are also safe. Be sure to get yourself up to speed on child safety tips, how to handle animals and water, as well as general water safety tips for you and all that will be on your trip with you.

Child Safety Tips

Whether your group is on a boat or on the beach, it is crucial to never let a child go off unattended. Make sure a child is in the line of sight of an adult that can swim at all times. Even if the child does know how to swim, make sure they are wearing a life jacket—especially if they are on a boat. It is also important on a boat or areas with slippery walking surfaces to have a no-running policy. While it may be hard to enforce due to their excitement, find fun ways that encourage them to walk instead of run. If your child will be playing in the ocean, set boundaries that will protect them from being pulled in by a riptide or uneasy waters. It is also helpful to explain to older children who may spend time out in the ocean about surviving a rip from the National Weather Service.

Animals and Water

For some trips, you may want to bring your favorite four-legged friend along with you! While cats are not usually a fan of water, there are some. Many dogs also enjoy relaxing on a boat or swimming. However, the ocean is a very different environment than a pool. When having your dog on a boat with you for a long period of time, invest in a life jacket for them to wear. If they do not do well wearing such items, you may want to re-consider bringing them along. Next, be sure to give your pet some time to explore the boat and its surroundings to get familiar with the environment. Be sure that they have plenty of shade to escape from the hot sun and water to drink.

General Water Safety

Whether you will be spending time on a boat or on the beach, always wear sunscreen. Not only will this protect you from getting burned, but also from the sun’s harsh rays. If swimming in the ocean, remember to never dive in head first without knowing the depth first. When on a boat, make sure to wear life vests. For traveling on the water, it is helpful to utilize the help of a guide. This will allow you to relax while someone helps you have a safe trip.
When traveling to the Exumas on your next family vacation, Bonefish Drex’s bonefishing boats and services are a great way to travel safely. You and your family can relax while we show you the gorgeous area or help you fish. We want you to have a safe and fun trip, so we are here to help! To get started, call us at 242-357-0243.