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Top Ways to Relax During Your Trip to the Great Exuma

For some, a trip to the Great Exuma is jam packed with activities. With activities such as bonefishing and sightseeing, there is so much to explore. However, for others, going on a trip sans itinerary is a preferred way to go. Or, you might stay busy during the day but relax at night. Either way, be sure to set some time aside during your trip to relax! From massages and disconnecting from technology to beachside lounging, there is a lot you can do to relax while on your trip.


Massages are incredibly relaxing. In addition, they have several benefits too! From releasing muscle tension to reducing stress, it is the perfect way to kick off a trip and get your mind focused on slowing down. Traveling to a destination alone can be stressful, so booking a massage is the perfect way to start off a vacation. For many, they may choose to have multiple massages throughout a trip. Plus, in the Bahamas, you can explore massage options beachside to enjoy the sounds of the ocean as you decompress. Once you are done, you will feel great.

Disconnect and Enjoy Nature (negative effects of phone, explore nature)

When traveling to the Bahamas, you will be able to explore so much that nature has to offer that you cannot get stateside. To accomplish this, you must be willing to disconnect from technology. Today, our phones are literally in our hands throughout the day. And while you don’t have to completely leave your phone or tablet alone during a trip, you need to be willing to make it a low priority. It’s great to take some photos or find directions, but you aren’t traveling to look at Facebook in a different city. Enjoy your trip! When taking pictures, don’t focus so hard on capturing every moment. You most likely aren’t ever going to go through all your pictures anyway. Instead, take a few and then make it a priority to be in the moment. Last, make an effort to pack a few books instead of reading off your tablet. Prepare to disconnect with Gizmodo’s “The Right Way to Disconnect from Technology on Your Next Vacation.”

Beachside Lounging

One of the best ways to relax is to kick back on the beach. What’s better than sitting in a comfortable lounge chair, possibly with an umbrella, and a frosty cool drink in hand? When it comes to beaches in the Exumas, there are so many places to explore and relax. For ideas, take a day to get up early to experience the sunrise on the beach. That will give you an excuse to take a mid-day nap in your lounge chair. Enjoy yoga? Take some time to enjoy some yoga on the beach. No matter what you do outdoors though, just remember to apply sunscreen often. For some of the best beaches to visit, check out Discover Exuma’s “Best Beaches in Exuma.

When it comes to relaxing on your vacation to the Exumas, Bonefish Drex has a variety of options. From a bonefish guide in Exuma and sightseeing in Exuma to Massages by Nitza, we can help you with all aspects of your vacation. To get started planning your most relaxing vacation yet, call us at 242-357-0243.